Terms and Conditions

Please read the below and let us know if any questions remain.
  • These are Special Fare Tickets.
  • Upgrades are not possible (cash or miles).
  • Business Class ticket: Access to Business Lounge in the airport included. Chauffeur, pick up / drop off service not included.
    Miles won’t be earned or accredited on your account or any other account.

Contacting the Airlines
All reservation questions, changes, additions, modifications, or cancellations must be made through Travnook Travel & Tourism.

Change policy

  • Route changes are not permitted.
  • Reservations cannot be changed nor canceled.

Please note that we have limited number of seats, availability cannot be guaranteed.


  • Cancellations & refund can be made only 48 hours before flight departure.
  • Fee: 800 USD per person.

Round trip tickets are non-refundable after flying the first segment (outbound).Tickets cannot be partially refunded. Refunds will not be allowed once travel has commenced, even if remaining travel is not completed.

No-Show tickets cannot be refunded, nor can they be exchanged. Unless the reservation is canceled and the trip rescheduled prior to the original departure date, the ticket shall be suspended, and refunds will not be possible.

Additional Purchased Bags
Additional baggage cannot be purchased online for this flight. It can be purchased at the airport for all flights except Government Facilitated Flights or upon checking.

It is the passenger’s responsibility to check their e-mail and/or the reservation on the airline’s channels frequently for any schedule change notifications from the airline and verify the current flight information 72 hours prior to scheduled departure. Failure to use any reservation will result in an automatic cancellation of all continuing and return flight reservations and suspension of the tickets. The ticket can be used only in the sequence it was issued. Out of sequence usage is not allowed.

Passengers should check-in online at least 12 hours before departure and arrive at the airport at least 3 hours prior to international travel or 2 hours for domestic travel. Passengers are responsible for ensuring compliance with health, immigration/visa, and all other policies enacted by governments, airlines, and airports.

Travnook Travel & Tourism bears no responsibility to provide any refund, compensation, or rebooking for flights missed due to late arrival, no-show, missing documents, ineligibility, or other passenger actions or inactions.

By confirming the payment, you agree with all terms and conditions.